CareWell Clinic is a Dental and Aesthetic Clinic operated by healthcare professionals dedicated to preserving oral health and care to the skin. In operation since 2017, our clinic offers a variety of Dental  and cosmetic treatments.

    Our highly-trained staff are equipped with the latest technologies and up-to-date expertise that our clients have come to expect. At CareWell, we are all dedicated to providing our patients with outstanding service and care

                                                  Our  Vision

The medical services of CareWell Clinic are committed to fulfilling our duty to UAE Nationals and expatriates through providing excellence in clinical care.

Our Vision, through the efforts of our dedicated and competent staff, is to be the UAE preeminent healthcare service provider in terms of dental and skin care, and be able to provide the highest quality care and services to all our clientele.

                                                 Our Mission


The dental and skin services at CareWell Clinic will accomplish the following:

   Provide an integral part of the patient’s total health care

   Provide appropriate and quality care

   Provide a caring atmosphere

   Provide timely and efficient care

   Function as a team to maximize use of resources